Show Information

2023 Arizona Pinnacle Circuit will offer classes for L1 Open, Open, Amateur, L1 Amateur, Select Amateur, Youth and L1 Youth.

Show two times to a total of four AQHA judges.

Two slates of NSBA dual approved classes.

2023 Nutrena AQHA

West L1  Championship Judges

Theodore Grose 
Terry Cross
Casey Devitt
Robin Frid
April Devitt
John Kunkle

2023 Arizona Pinnacle Circuit Judges

Clint Ainsworth

Bruce Walquist

Jessica Gilliam

Jennifer Leckey

 2022  Pinnacle Circuit Fees

Class Fee                    $18/judge

                                      $20/judge Trail/Hunters Includes warm up


NSBA                             $10/Judge Youth includes $3 NSBA sanction fee

                                        $12/Judge Open and Amateur includes $3 NSBA sanction fee

                                        One NSBA judge each time class occurs. 


Stall Fee                         $200  Stalls will be available Noon on Monday May 16 thru 6 AM Monday May 23.  All Stalls          

                                          must be reserved and paid for online at  A $15 processing fee for

                                          all cancelled stalls. No convenience fee for stalls paid for online. For preassigned stalls all             

                                          stalls must be reserved by  May 1, 2022. 

AQHA Admin. Fee            $8 per horse per judge

Office Charge                    $35 per horse

Late Fee                             $40 per horse. All entries postmarked after  April 22, 2022

Haul In Fee                       $15 per horse per day

Warm Up                           $10 Western Pleasure-Hunter Under Saddle




Credit Card/ NSF
There is a 4% convenience  fee for credit card payments for entries.  Checks or credit cards that are declined or NSF checks that come back from bank will be charged $40.00.

Close Out Fee
Statements not closed out in the office before the end of the show will be closed out after the show and charged a $15 close out fee.