2024 Pinnacle Circuit May 11 – 14

Pinnacle Circuit offers a rewarding and competitive experience for participants of all skill levels with a full slate of classes for all levels.

With the Pinnacle Circuit preceding the Championships, class conflicts will be eliminated. Open blocks of trail are scheduled on the one day of overlap. The schedule allows L1 exhibitors to have additional opportunities to show their horses as they can use the Pinnacle as a warm up to their run for the trophies.

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Brendan Brown, Rhonda Replogle, Jennifer Goss,

Amy Watkins, Steve Meadows, Shawn Hays

2024 Pinnacle Circuit Fees

Class Fee


 $25/judge Trail/Hunters Includes warm up


$10/Judge Youth includes $3 NSBA sanction fee

 $12/Judge Open and Amateur includes $3 NSBA sanction fee

One NSBA judge each time class occurs.

Stall Fee

Fees are $280/Stall. Includes run of L1 Championship and Pinnacle Circuit combined. Each stall will include 2 mats and 4 bags of shavings.

Stall check in will be available 8 am on Thursday May 9

All Stalls must be vacated by 10 am Sunday May 19. 

Please reserve online at EZHorseShows.com

Stalls myst be reserved and paid for on line.

There is a $15 processing fee for all cancelled stalls.

Stall deadline for preassigned stalls April 29, 2023. 

AQHA Admin Fee

$10 per horse per judge

Office Charge                   

$36  per horse

Late Fee

$40 per horse for any entries not received by April 29, 2024

Haul In Fee

$15 per horse per day

Warm Up

$12  Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle


NSF FEE- NSF checks returned by the bank will be charged $40.00.

Close Out Fee
Statements not closed out in the office before the end of the show will be closed out after the show and charged a $15 close out fee.