All persons entering WestWorld agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations set forth in the Show Premium and in the current AQHA, and NSBA Handbooks. In addition, persons entering WestWorld agree to abide by any decisions, rulings or regulations issued by Show Management, AzQHA, AQHA, NSBA, or any of the other authorizing agencies.  Nutrena AQHA  West  L1 Championship and Pinnacle Circuit is run in accordance with the Rules and Procedures of the American Quarter Horse Association and the AQHA L1 Championship handbook. All exhibitors and owners are responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with all applicable AQHA, NSBA and AzQHA rules.

HEALTH REQUIREMENTS– West World requires that all out of state horses have a current Health Certificate and Coggins. All in state horse must have a Coggins issued in the past twelve months. Must have certificates on paper not a picture on a phone.

CONDITIONS – APPROVALS Classes are approved by the American Quarter Horse Association, the Arizona Quarter Horse Association, and the National Snaffle Bit Association.  Classes will be conducted in accordance with the current rules of these organizations as well as the AQHA L1 Championship handbook. 

RULES & PROCEDURE CHANGES The Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit reserves the right to change any of the rules, procedures, fee structures, provisions, or other material contained in this document when such changes are necessitated by changes adopted by AQHA, AzQHA or any of the Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit authorizing agencies. 

SCHEDULE, LOCATION, PRIZE CHANGES Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit reserves the right to modify the class schedule and the location of classes as may be necessitated by the best interests of the horse show. Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit reserves the right to replace one prize with another of similar value, when circumstances so require. 

ENTRIES Pinnacle Circuit Entries maybe made at or online at  Entries received after April 21, 2023, or entries which are incomplete will be subject to a Late Fee of $40 per back number. Upon check in at the show please have available for inspection these documents: 

  1. Classes entered 
  2. A copy of the horse’s registration papers
  3. A copy of each exhibitor’s membership cards (AQHA, NSBA, etc)

HORSE REGISTRATION PAPERS All Pinnacle circuit AQHA entries must have a current registration certificate, a photocopy of which must be submitted with the entry. Horses who have shown in previous years who have had no changes to their registration papers will not need to submit papers.

EXHIBITOR MEMBERSHIPS Each exhibitor is required to be a member of the authorizing agency for the class in which the exhibitor is showing. At the Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit these agencies include AQHA, NSBA. If the exhibitor is not a member, membership can be purchased at the Show Office. 

BIRTHDATES REQUIRED All Youth and Amateur Select exhibitors are required to include their date of birth on the Entry Form. 

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER/TAX ID NUMBER SSN or Tax ID numbers are required of any exhibitor to whom prize money will be awarded. Please make sure we have your correct mailing address to send out paybacks and tax information.

BACK NUMBERS Each horse will be assigned a separate number to be worn by all exhibitors showing that horse. Numbers will not be issued until all entry information is complete and payment of entry fees and all other show related expenses is guaranteed through an open check or charge card. 

LATE FEE   Entries received after April 21, 2023, will be subject to a $40 late fee.

PAYMENTS Pinnacle Circuit Payment for entry fees must be guaranteed by leaving an “open check” or charge card authorization.  Payment for stalls must be made separately from entries and stalls must be paid in full prior to the horse show. All Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit Stalls must be booked online at  All Pinnacle Circuit entry checks to be written to Arizona Quarter Horse Association If an individual fails to check out at the show and request a statement be mailed at a later date there will be a $15 charge. 

ADDS:  Pinnacle Circuit classes may be entered at the Show Office on a daily basis but must be entered at least three classes prior to the class being entered. For each new show day, entries for the first two classes must be in by the close of the Show Office the night before. The show office closes at 5 pm each day. 

SCRATCHES There will be no charge for scratching a Pinnacle Circuit class, provided the scratch is done at least two classes prior to the class being scratched and is done at the Show Office. Exhibitors who fail to show up for a class without having scratched will be considered a “no show” and will be charged for the class. Any cattle classes that are scratched, entry will be responsible for cattle fees.

CLASS CONFLICTS Recognizing the versatility of the American Quarter Horse, every reasonable attempt will be made by show management to accommodate exhibitors showing in conflicting classes. Undue delays, however, cannot be allowed.  Exhibitors may have to choose which classes to enter and which to forego. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to notify all applicable arenas of any potential or pending conflict.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY All exhibitors will be under the control and direction of Show Manager, but the Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit, AQHA, AzQHA, City of Scottsdale, West World and any of their officers, directors, agents, or employees will in no case be responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may occur to person or property. Each exhibitor, owner, vendor, spectator, or participant will be solely responsible for any loss, injury, or damage that may occur to him or his officers, directors, agents, or employees during the Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit.  The exhibitor, owner, vendor, spectator, or participant will indemnify the Nutrena AQHA L1 West Championship and Pinnacle Circuit against any and all legal proceeding in regard to the above and against damage or injury to any other person or property caused by the exhibitor or his officers, directors, agents, employees, or animals. 


West World Rules 

Horses entering the grounds of Westworld-All out of state horses must have current health papers, all Arizona horses must have proof of a current 12-month Coggins or health papers.

Alcohol – It is against State of Arizona and City of Scottsdale laws for any person or organization to bring onto or remove from the premises any alcoholic beverage.

Early Arrivals – Arrival prior to Noon May 15,  2023 will only be allowed through prior special arrangement. Please contact Show Director, Doug Huls at 480-390-6867 for special arrangements.

Dogs – The State Humane Officer requires dogs to be on a leash at all times. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED WITHOUT WARNING. Any pets in the stall area must be on a leash or secured. No pets are allowed in or near the arenas. Owners assume all liability for pets. 

Golf Carts – Any person operating a motor vehicle or golf cart must possess a current valid Driver’s License.

Smoking – NO SMOKING is permitted in the barn areas. No cooking, operating a BBQ, or other open flame device is allowed in the barn area.

Parking – Any vehicle, truck, or trailer on West World property is subject to the parking regulations of both West World and the event. Vehicles found in violation of “No Parking” signs, or in a Fire Lane, will be towed and impounded at the owner’s expense. West World and the event reserve the right to remove any persons found in violation of these or any other laws from the property.

Bedding – Shaving and feed may be purchased at West World. No bedding other than the West World shavings is allowed on the property. Owners may, however, bring in their own feed. 

Loose Horses – Horses may not be turned loose on the property or in the arenas, nor are they to be tied to any structure not specifically designed for that purpose.

Posting Signs – West World visitors and facility users may not post or exhibit any printed material such as posters, signs, or advertisements without prior approval of City management.

Cleaning – All horses must be washed in the designated wash rack areas. Horse trailers may not be cleaned out in the barn area. Cars, trucks, or RVs may not be washed on the grounds.

Temporary Structures – Any tents and decorations must be constructed in such a manner as to satisfy State and City Fire Marshal requirements, and any required permits must be obtained prior to set up. Horseshoeing is not permitted in the barn area by order of the State Fire Marshal.